Marriage Counseling in San Diego

If you’re having issues with your marriage, it’s important to seek professional help as early as possible. Marriage counseling in Chula Vista, sometimes known as couples therapy, is most effective when couples seek it out sooner rather than later.

Start by finding a marriage and family therapist in San Diego, like those here at Seeking Therapy Counseling Services. We’re always ready and willing to help. We have several therapists qualified to handle marital issues, so if you feel like the first isn’t a good fit, we’re willing to accommodate. It’s imperative that both spouses feel comfortable with their San Diego marriage counselor.

Do You Need Marriage and Relationship Counseling?

Before seeking therapy, there are some basic questions you should ask about your partner, yourself, and your marriage.

  • Is there abuse, addiction, or infidelity present in your marriage?
  • Do you and your partner have poor communication skills?
  • Do you feel anger or contempt for one another?
  • Do you withdraw from each other?
  • Do you both feel defensive?
  • Are you critical of one another?
  • Are you a child of divorce?
  • Is your relationship interfaith?
  • Do you fall into a low-income bracket?
  • Did you fail to graduate from high school?
  • Did you marry at an early age?

People who answer yes to most of these questions are at a higher statistical risk of divorce. This doesn’t mean that divorce is inevitable. However, it means that you may need to work harder to keep your relationship together. A family therapist can help you work through your issues.

Even couples who are compatible, use conflict resolution skills, communicate well, and have realistic expectations of their marriage and each other can benefit from counseling. They may be at a lower risk for divorce, but counseling can help to reinforce communication and connection during times of transition.

How Effective Is Marriage Counseling in Chula Vista?

Counseling works differently for different couples. Some couples may get more out of marriage counseling than others. For example, couples who fall into the following categories may benefit more from counseling:

  • Those willing to take an honest look at themselves and their flaws
  • Those open to therapy and change
  • Those who are still in love
  • Those who are non-sexist and egalitarian
  • Those in a young marriage

If your marriage looks more like the following, you may not find counseling effective. This doesn’t mean you should give up. It just means you should keep your expectations realistic.

  • One partner who comes to therapy but isn’t invested
  • One partner is addicted to pornography, drugs, or alcohol
  • Either partner is closed to suggestions for saving the marriage
  • Either partner is set on getting a divorce
  • You wait too long to get marital help

How Can I Find Affordable Marriage Counseling Near Me?

If you believe your marriage is in trouble, seek help as soon as possible. Budget your money and time to get treatment. The longer you let it go, the more difficult it will be to fix your relationship. The counselors at Seeking Therapy Counseling Services, serving Chula Vista and Greater San Diego County, are here to help you through the tough times. Call us at (619) 646-8283 or contact us online to set up an initial consultation and see how we can assist you in getting your marriage back on track.

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