Couples Therapy San Diego

San Diego couples therapy, marriage counseling, relationship counseling; whatever name you have for it, is never something you expect to need and definitely not something you’re likely to be excited about. However, knowing what to expect can make the process a little better.

Just the thought of therapy can be scary, and the idea of breaking things down with another person can be beyond terrifying. There isn’t anybody who doesn’t dread that first appointment, but understanding the basics can make you a little more comfortable. While there are some differences between individual counselors, here’s what Seeking Therapy Counseling Services can do for you.

Why You Should Get Couples Counseling Services

Couples therapy seems straight forward: you feel that your relationship is failing and you need help to fix it. Generally, that’s the truth, but when you get down to the nitty-gritty, it’s more complicated than that.

How do you know when it’s time to seek help? There’s no single answer, but when you feel you’ve reached a stalemate in your relationship, it may be time to reach out. Maybe you’re arguing more often over stupid things. Maybe your marriage feels stale, or there’s an issue such as children, in-laws, infidelity, sex, or money where you and your partner can’t agree.

Couples therapy’s main purpose is to allow a neutral mediator to help you and your significant other make sense of your troubles. Our counselors will help you communicate in a way that gives you equal attention, time, and understanding so you can discover your issues and talk them through.

How Much Does Couple Therapy Cost?

You’ll find that 90 percent of professional couples therapists offer one-hour sessions, so their hourly rate is also the session rate. Therapy can range between $100 and $150 per hour. Some may go lower or higher, but these are the average national rates. Most counselors will suggest 8 – 20 weeks of therapy with one session a week.

Getting Affordable Couples Therapy in San Diego

Seeking Therapy Counseling Services, serving Chula Vista and Greater San Diego County, knows that marriage can be difficult. If you’re having problems and are serious about trying to get your family back on track, call us at (619) 646-8283 or contact us online to set up an initial session. We’ll help you and your spouse communicate and work through your issues, so you can put in the effort your marriage deserves.

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