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ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder, is a neurological condition that causes behavioral problems such as having a hard time completing tasks, following instructions, keeping up with assignments, focusing on schoolwork, listening to instructions, or participating in social interactions.

Behavior problems caused by ADD may also appear with hyperactivity or learning disabilities that lead to disciplinary issues in school. Students with ADD may be seen as lazy because they can’t pay attention to tasks or follow through on assignments. The condition is very common, but there are still a plethora of misperceptions that surround it.

What Are the Common ADD Symptoms and Treatment?

Kids who have ADD without the added component of hyperactivity may appear disinterested or bored with classroom activities. They may daydream or be forgetful, working at a slow pace and turning in work that’s incomplete.

Children with ADD may have disorganized lockers, desks, and assignments. They may misplace homework, lose materials at home or in school, and fail to turn in schoolwork. It can lead to authority figures feeling frustrated and resorting to giving poor class marks. Through behavior intervention, however, your child can counteract their forgetfulness.

While some parents resort to medications such as Adderall or Ritalin and find success, most child psychologists and physicians will tell you to create a behavior intervention plan in addition to or instead of medicine. A behavior plan can teach children appropriate behavior skills for a variety of situations and reduce inattentive and off-task behaviors.

ADD behavior therapy, or cognitive behavioral therapy, can be even more helpful than medication, especially since some symptoms are situational (caused by family or personal problems) and not caused by ADD. Whether a problem is caused by ADD or not, behavior intervention plans can help eliminate problem behaviors. Long term, the adaptations from an intervention plan can result in a permanent improvement in focus which can’t be provided through drugs alone.

Where Can I Get ADD Counseling and Therapy?

If you suspect your child has ADD and you’re committed to treating them beyond traditional medication, Seeking Therapy Counseling Services, serving Chula Vista and Greater San Diego County, can help. We approach ADD treatment and diagnosis through several methods, only one of which is medication. Our child psychologists can do formal tests to determine if your child fits the criteria for ADD, and where they fit on the spectrum. The testing can also help us follow your child’s response to interventions over time. We also handle ADD therapy for adults.

By acting early, you can provide your child with the skills to live a productive life. Call us today at (619) 646-8283 or contact us online to set up an initial consultation and put your child on the road to success.

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