Counseling and Therapy Services for Children with Social Skill Problems

Seeking Therapy Counseling Services offers counseling and therapy services for children, adolescents and teens with social skill problems. As children and adolescents grow, they continue to develop in so many very important ways. There are predictable ranges of cognitive, emotional, and social growth according to the age of a child and kids will experience shifts in their thinking, mood and behavioral patterns as they mature.

During these periods of growth, it can be difficult for families to know when a change reflects the normal challenges in child development or, rather, signs and symptoms of something that more significantly interferes with their child’s happiness and functioning within the family, at school or with social connections. If a parent, family member, or a child is questioning whether the problems they are facing fit within the range of normal development, they might seek consultation with a mental health practitioner who has specialized training and experience in working with families and pediatric populations. For those in San Diego, our ADHD counseling might provide further insight into developmental challenges.

Therapy and counseling services include initial assessments by qualified mental health professionals that can help define if there are problems that need attention and what type of services might be of assistance. The assessment is a getting-to-know each other period and a time when information is gathered about the child’s current problem or concern. Parents and caregivers are generally involved with this step of the process. A history of the problem is reviewed along with other information about the child level of development. Parent and child questions are also discussed at that time.

Counseling and therapy for children with social skill problems

Social skills allow us to create and maintain healthy and satisfying relationships, they help us to know what to say, make good decisions, and how to behave in different social situations. Being skilled in social interactions leads to increased success in academic performance, behavior, social and family relationships, and involvement in extracurricular activities. While we can all have awkward social moments, children and adolescents with social skill weaknesses routinely have trouble connecting with people and making and keeping friends. For these children, learning to get along with others is challenging, whether at school, in sports, or with friends. For a deeper understanding of these challenges, our child therapy services in San Diego can be particularly helpful.

What are examples of social skill issues in children and adolescents?

Symptoms seen in children with weak social skills can include difficulty in any or all of the following three steps involved in social interaction:2,4


  • Doesn’t understand facial expressions or body language
  • Is a poor listener and looses the point of what is being said
  • Has little interest in social interactions
  • Not noticing rejection actions by others


  • Is overly literal and doesn’t get sarcasm
  • Doesn’t know how to properly greet people, request information or gain attention
  • Has difficulty with perspective taking


  • Shares information in inappropriate ways
  • Interrupts or blurts out answers
  • Constantly moves around and fidgets
  • Goes off-topic or monopolizes conversations
  • Doesn’t adapt language to different situations or people

For those looking for support and guidance in these areas, our counseling therapy services for children with social skill problems can offer strategies and interventions designed to improve social skills and interactions.

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