ADHD Counseling San Diego

If your child has ADHD, counseling is an important part of their treatment plan. It gives them appropriate management techniques for their symptoms. Through therapy, they can learn to listen and pay attention more effectively, skills that don’t come easily to children with ADHD.

Treatment for ADHD may also include medication. Medicine can help boost the brain’s ability to fidget less, use self-control, and pay attention. However, it works best when combined with counseling for the ADHD child where they can learn new ways to use these improved abilities. Click here for San Diego ADHD Treatment and therapy offerings provided by Seeking Therapy Counseling Services.

What Are the Counseling Techniques for ADHD?

Kids learn best by doing, so we allow younger kids to talk, play, and draw during ADHD therapy. Teens and older children are more likely to focus on ideas and activities to build the skills they need to succeed, such as good study habits.

We concentrate on creating a positive relationship with your child so they’ll feel supported and encouraged as they learn. Depending on how old they are, we may meet with the child alone, or welcome you into the session. Sessions that include parents work on teaching ideas and tips that allow you to continue the lessons at home. Children build their self-esteem and confidence as they master new skills, so it’s important that parents help them practice and use these skills outside of the therapy office.

What Are the Most Common ADHD Counseling Activities?

When sessions begin, your child’s counselor will start by speaking with you and asking questions. We want to learn as much as we can about your child in order to best build manageable improvement goals.

Children and their parents usually meet with a counselor once a week for several months. Activities during therapy sessions include:

  • Problem Solving – We’ll speak to you and your child about ADHD problems at home and in school, so we can assist your child in working them out.
  • Practicing New Skills – We work to teach your child new skills like breathing exercises and mindfulness. These can train your child’s brain to pay attention and calm the body and mind. We’ll work on these skills during each session.
  • Lesson Teaching Activities – We may teach lessons about understanding others, studying, organizing schoolwork, or managing negative emotions by using worksheets and activities to keep things fun.
  • Purposeful Play – Younger children respond well to play, so we may use it to teach self-control. We use games that help your child follow directions, slow down, and try again instead of giving up or losing their temper. We also use play to teach children to organize, plan, and put things away.
  • Listening and Talking – We help children talk about their feelings instead of expressing themselves with negative actions. Listening and talking with children helps them feel understood and teaches them to listen and pay attention themselves.

How Do I Find ADHD Counseling Near Me?

At Seeking Therapy Counseling Services, serving Chula Vista and Greater San Diego County, we care about your children’s well-being as much as you do. We’ll work with you and your child to teach appropriate responses to their frustration with the world around them and give them the skills they need to live a productive and happy life. Call us today at (619) 646-8283 or contact us online to start your child on this healthy journey.

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